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UDance Dance Marathon

UDance 2018 "Destined For A Cure"

UDance is the biggest student-run philanthropy at the University of Delaware and the 5th largest dance marathon in the country. Our mission as an organization is to raise funds and awareness for the Andrew McDonough B+ Foundation which supports hundreds of families in the fight against pediatric cancer. We host events, contests and profit-shares throughout the year, which leads up to a 12-hour dance marathon in March. I had the pleasure of working with other Executive Board members to create a cohesive set of graphics for UDance's brand. This year we raised $2,019,210.48 for our B+ Heroes! 

2018 UDance Executive Board - Graphic Design Chair


Art Direction, Logo Design, Branding, Print, Social Media, Apparel

General UDance Designs

General Facebook promotions that were posted throughout the year.

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