Pez: Pick Up The Pace With Pez

PEZ says join the race and pick up the pace! PEZ is inviting people who are always on-the-go to pick up their pace and collect our PEZ! Pick Up The Pace With Pez is an exclusive Snapchat experience in which users can DIGITALLY collect Pez characters customized to their specific location!


In Collaboration with Carly Roeck

Art Direction, Copywriting, Experiential Design, Interactive, Advertising


These are some examples of Pez characters that would be featured in select locations spanning across the nation.

These are Pez advertisements that would be featured on Snapchat throughout the entirety of the event.

These are Snapchat QR code stickers that would be used for guerrilla advertising in the areas in which the event is taking place.

The featured Pez characters would show up on users' Snap Maps. The user has to be within a certain range in order to collect that character.

Once the user clicks on the Pez character seen in their radius, their Bitmoji will pop up and do a celebration dance with the new addition to their collection.