Aspall Cyder: Y Aspall?

An advertising campaign for Aspall Cyder. “To indicate they were strong, and of higher quality, they were spelt with a “Y” rather than an “I” and at Aspall, we have only ever spelt with a “Y.’”  We also choose to highlight the concept that the letter Y sometimes represents a vowel and sometimes a consonant, therefore representing the versatility and sophistication of the brand. So, Y Aspall Cyder?

Along with the print advertisements flooding the streets and tube stations of London, we chose to launch a social media campaign to encourage others to share Y they love Aspall's products. Users would engage through Instagram by posting pictures with creative captions describing Y they choose to drink Aspall. The top three chosen participants will win a set of vintage Aspall goblets as well as a private Cyder Tasting Gala at the original Cyder House in Suffolk hosted by the Aspall family OR a complimentary set of all the decadent flavors of Aspall Cyder.


In Collaboration with Andrew Oechsler


Art Direction, Advertising, Copywriting